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Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide, it's estimated that more than one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime.  The fight against cancer includes a variety of therapeutic approaches that includes both small molecule, large molecules and combination therapies.   

Pharmacology Discovery Services has conducted in vivo pharmacology studies for both side-effect profiling and efficacy for over 30 years.  We have a portfolio of both xenograft and syngeneic models that our clients may use to assess the in vivo efficacy of their small molecule or large molecule Oncology drug discovery test agents.  We can meet a variety of study endpoints to generate the high-quality, reproducible data your projects require.  All experimental models are tested in a dose-dependent manner with approved benchmark positive controls.  To meet the needs of your specific Oncology drug discovery project we also have the flexibility and expertise to develop custom in vivo models. 

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Oncology In Vivo Models
Model Name Item Number Species Price/Animal ($USD)
Analgesia, Bone Cancer Pain, MRMT 504500 Rat 570
Neuropathic Pain, Paclitaxel-Induced 504400 Rat 400
Syngeneic, Breast, 4T1  578590 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Breast, Orthotopic, Metastasis, 4T1  578591 Mouse 320
Syngeneic, Colon, CT26.WT 578600 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Kidney, Renca  578630 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Leukemia, L1210  578650 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Lung, KLN 205  578680 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Lung, LL/2  578700 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Lymphoma, A20  578900 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Melanoma, B16-F0  578800 Mouse 310
Syngeneic, Melanoma, Metastasis B16-F0  578850 Mouse 300
Syngeneic, Melanoma, B16-F10  578810 Mouse 310
Xenograft, Brain, U87-MG 579500 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Breast, BT-474 579700 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Breast, HCC-1428  579800 Mouse 370
Xenograft, Breast, MCF-7 580000 Mouse 370
Xenograft, Breast, MDA-MB-231  580020 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Breast, T-47D 580030 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Colon, HCT-116  580090 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Colon, HT-29  580100 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Colon, SW-480  580150 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Gastric, NCI-N87  582400 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Kidney, A-498 580400 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Kidney, ACHN 580450 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Leukemia, HL-60 580600 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Leukemia, MV-4-11 580650 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Leukemia, THP-1 580680 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Liver, Hep3B 580700 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Liver, PLC-5 580730 Mouse 365
Xenograft, Lung, A549 580900 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Lung, NCI-H1975 580910 Mouse 365
Xenograft, Lung, NCI-H209 580940 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Lung, NCI-H460  580950 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Lung, NCI-H526  580960 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Lymphoma, U-937 581000 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Melanoma, A-375 582100 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Melanoma, SK-MEL-5 582110 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Myeloma, RPMI-8226 582200 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Neuroepithelioma, SK-N-MC 581100 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Ovary, OVCAR-3 581330 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Ovary, SKOV-3 581300 Mouse 395
Xenograft, Pancreas, Bx-PC3 581520 Mouse 370
Xenograft, Pancreas, Orthotopic, Bx-PC3 581521 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Pancreas, MIA PaCa-2 581500 Mouse 360
Xenograft, Pancreas, Orthotopic, MIA PaCa-2 581501 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Pancreas, PANC-1 581540 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Pancreas, Orthotopic, PANC-1 581541 Mouse 390
Xenograft, Prostate, 22Rv1 581920 Mouse 365
Xenograft, Prostate, DU-145 581930 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Prostate, LNCaP-clone-FGC 581950 Mouse 385
Xenograft, Prostate, PC-3 581900 Mouse 375
Xenograft, Skin, A-431 582000 Mouse 360
Vascular Permeability (Miles Assay), VEGF 594500 Guinea pig 620


Custom Model Development

Our experienced scientific team is able to generate custom in vivo models to meet the in vivo pharmacology requirements of our clients.  We may use client provided cells or any of the over 300 cancer cell lines from the OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service provided by our Partner Lab, Eurofins Discovery.  Custom model development can be completed in as little as three months.