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In vitro Oncology Drug Discovery Services



Our Partner Lab, Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services, has an extensive portfolio of in vitro products and services that may be used for Safety and Efficacy assessment of Oncology test agents during drug discovery.  With the products and services from Eurofins clients are able to: 

  • Profile kinase inhibitors with the industry gold-standard KinaseProfiler™ Service
  • Test for efficacy and identify genomic biomarkers of response with the OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service
  • Assess off-target liability with in vitro pharmacology services such as SafetyScreen44™ Panel
  • Evaluate the ADME PK & Toxicology properties of your compound
  • Leverage broad custom service capabilities for your drug discovery research

For more information please visit Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services.