In vitro Microbiology Drug Discovery Services


The in vitro microbiology services from our Partner Lab, Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services, follow the standard industry methods (CLSI) in order to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of your compounds.  The flexibility of these services allows for combination testing, the determination of synergistic, indifferent or antagonistic effects as well as resistance analysis to determine the rate at which organisms develop a non-susceptible phenotype.

The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing from Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services contains over 500 strains that include fungi, bacteria and multidrug resistant strains.  Most strains are phenotyped and the acquired antibiotic resistance genes are genotyped.  To accelerate your MIC testing fungal, bacterial and N. gonorrhoeae pre-designed panels are also available.  Minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) may be determined following the M26-A guidelines of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.

Our partner offers a selection of other in vitro characterization assays to further evaluate your Anti-infective compounds, these include:

  • Time Kill Assay
  • Checkerboard Assay
  • Resistance Emergence
  • Membrane Lysis Assay
  • Red Blood Cell Lysis
  • Cytotoxicity Assays

For more information please visit Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services.