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Antimicrobial Drug Discovery Services

Pharmacology Discovery Services has over 30 years of experience in providing in vivo pharmacology services.  To support the discovery and development of novel Antimicrobials, our portfolio includes over 50 off-the-shelf in vivo efficacy models at our BSL-2 facility.  We also provide pharmacokinetic (PK) and safety/tolerability models to enable the evaluation of compounds prior to conducting efficacy studies.  All study protocols are written and reviewed by our team of highly experienced Antimicrobial Technical and Study Directors and our team may also develop custom in vivo models to meet the specific needs of your drug discovery program.

Through our Partner Lab, Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services, our clients also have access to in vitro microbiology services at a BSL-2 facility that includes Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) testing with over 500 strains, most strains are phenotyped and the acquired antibiotic resistance genes are genotyped.  Eurofins also offers a broad portfolio of other services that can add value throughout drug discovery including: in vitro pharmacology, cell-based phenotypic assays, ADME-Tox, and custom proteins & assay development services. 

With the breadth of both in vitro services from Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services, and in vivo services, from our Partner Lab, Pharmacology Discovery Services, our clients have access to the assays and expertise, to perform studies that will enhance decision making throughout the drug discovery process.

Binding Assays
Binding Assays